Need CEO co-founder/equity partner for rising startup

One of the most exciting high-technology opportunities available in all of California, Certitude Digital, Inc. is seeking a CEO co-founder and equity partner to raise funding, manage its resources, and drive its vision forward as the owners of the only technologies shown capable of solving the entirety of the cybersecurity problem, effectively, efficiently, economically, and in full compatibility with all computer hardware, operating systems, servers, networks, and data transports in existence. Certitude Digital is without doubt one of the most mature, well-researched, and technologically-solid startups in existence today in the digital landscape:

  • Its unique patented technologies sit at the heart of a $180 billion annual cybersecurity market with a $6 trillion dollar/year pain point;
  • CD holds five issued US utility patents, with a sixth to be issued shortly, and currently has 32 additional US utility patent applications pending or in the pipeline (more intellectual property is being generated on a daily basis). A partial list of the published patents can be seen at;
  • In November, 2019, a 1009-page encyclopaedic reference was published detailing the true current state of the cybersecurity problem domain and market, and describing in equal detail the CD solution (including source code). This book is available as eBook (some versions free), softcover and hardcover from DALox Publishing and Amazon Kindle: on cybersecurity&qid=1580067438&s=digital-text&sr=1-1;
  • More than a million words are now in print (along with dozens of videos) describing CD's state-of-the-art technologies, demos and software;
  • CD is currently in partnership with in Toronto, having formed a joint venture called Cynapsis Tech ( to build and market products and SaaS around licensed CD technologies, and to seek out and form additional strategic partnerships with industry stalwarts to white-label products, technologies, education and initiatives into their specific vertical markets;
  • CD has nearly twelve years and more than 35,000 man-hours invested into its technologies, nine years of that in stealth mode. The average relevant experience of its staff exceeds thirty years each in their respective disciplines;
  • CD is currently working on products that:

A.) Protect developers from others taking their plain-text code (or worse, code enciphered with keys held by Microsoft) directly from GitHub private and public repositories (with the most likely thief being Microsoft);
B.) Lock down and render all e-mail (and interactions with e-mail) safe from hackers, and private from everyone;
C.) Render a browser completely safe from hacking, and allow content-provider control of views of individual browser objects;
D.) Allow the original data provider/owner complete and remote control of his/her data independently of the database owner or platform in individual cells, rows, and columns of any database; and
E.) Generate mass migration tools for porting data already in the cloud, on server farms, and on individual servers, among many others; and

  • Demos, alpha software, and videos already exist for demonstrating basic technology capabilities (such as protecting plain text, or for a more full-featured product such as a Microsoft Outlook e-mail plugin).

We are seeking a proven startup CEO as a co-founder, initially compensated through equity and ultimately migrating towards a performance-and-incentive-based salary and equity package commensurate with comparable industry positions, as appropriate funding levels are achieved to meet all of our goals. This individual must have a stellar reputation and background, and must have a verifiable records of raising funding and establishing direction on the business side of a world-class startup. Above all, you must show that you can close the deal effectively, manage the proceeds to a favorable outcome for an investor and a company, and produce outstanding growth from a genuine opportunity without cutting corners, commensurate with the reputation and standing of a true cybersecurity entity positioned head-and-shoulders technologically above its wannabe pretenders (some of whom are the biggest names in the industry, and have been purveying some of the greatest frauds upon consumers and the general public for decades - these are the challenges you will face, and for which we have the technology to respond).

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $0.00 to $250,000.00 /year


  • CEO and startup: 10 years (Preferred)


  • Master's (Preferred)

Required travel:

  • 25% (Preferred)

Additional Compensation:

  • Commission
  • Bonuses
  • Other forms

Work Location:

  • Multiple locations
  • Fully Remote
  • On the road


  • Other

This Company Describes Its Culture as:

  • Detail-oriented -- quality and precision-focused
  • Innovative -- innovative and risk-taking
  • Aggressive -- competitive and growth-oriented
  • Outcome-oriented -- results-focused with strong performance culture
  • Stable -- traditional, stable, strong processes
  • People-oriented -- supportive and fairness-focused
  • Team-oriented -- cooperative and collaborative

This Job Is:

  • A job for which military experienced candidates are encouraged to apply
  • A job for which all ages, including older job seekers, are encouraged to apply
  • A job for which people with disabilities are encouraged to apply


  • Monday to Friday